About NetworkSpinal


It is important to remember that the natural state of all living things is EASE. Each of us is capable of finding our way back from physical, emotional, and chemical stress overloads to our natural state. This journey is called HEALING. Healing is what we are all here for, and the purpose of NetworkSpinal is to assist you in your process by removing interference in your nervous system with gentle, honoring spinal adjustment.

NetworkSpinal has shown me over the last thirty years that:

  • Healthy people have spines that are softer; more supple, and have more breath than people  who are not as healthy.
  • With NetworkSpinal, it is possible to restore this softness and breath to individuals of any age or conditions. All bodies naturally return to a state of more ease when the blockages are removed.
  • No matter what else we do for ourselves (diet, exercise, drugs, meditation, etc.) our body and mind function more effectively when there is less distortion and less tension in our spines.

There is no Substitute for Spinal Adjustments.
Research has shown that Network Care significantly improves the quality of people’s lives. The University of California in Irvine did a retrospective study on over 2800 people worldwide, and it demonstrated that Network Care has been shown to give patients profound and consistent improvement in self-reported health and wellness issues, including:

  • Improved Physical Well-Being
  • Improved Emotional and Psychological Well-Being
  • More Life Enjoyment
  • Less Stress
  • Healthier Lifestyle Changes
  • Overall Quality of Life improvement

What is truly remarkable about this study is that 76% of the people who were under Network Care reported that they had improvement in every single category of wellness listed above!

If you have any questions you can reach us on the “Contact Us” page and we will respond promptly.